Case Study – Weston College & WEIoT


How we helped 

– Brand Identity
– Marketing Strategy
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Nothing is impossible… Everything is possible! This was the tagline we developed for a recent branded recruitment campaign for Weston College with a vision of improving accessibility to their courses, this was a campaign with real vision and values.

We love the variety and scope of projects from our clients, it helps to keep us on our toes! One of our favourite long-standing clients – Weston College – gave us an opportunity that was vast, varied and most importantly time critical.

First a little background… Weston College is the lead organisation for the West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT), a collaboration between industry and education, to provide

learning opportunities through some world-class employers that are right here on our doorstep – Airbus, Renishaw, GKN Aerospace to name a few – to ensure that as the world evolves, and therefore technology evolves, the workforce within the South West is prepared and experienced in the latest technical innovations.

The challenge put to us was to ensure that WEIoT was viewed as being accessible by all, and that there wasn’t any reason why anyone from any background couldn’t go on these courses to further their self-development and their career.

pace-agency managed the campaign from inception to completion. Liaising with all the employers that were partnered with the WEIoT to identify the right candidates within their organisations that were a shining example of going above and beyond what they had originally believed they could achieve or breaking stereotype of what some perceived as being the typical engineering, healthcare, or digital employee.

Nothing is Impossible. Everything is Possible. Make the Change Today icon

Through co-ordinating video and photography shoots, alongside 1:1 employee and employer interviews, we captured 12 powerful case studies which would be used to inspire EVERYONE onto these courses. Candidates from all backgrounds spoke of their fascinating journeys that had led them to this point in their career and how important it is to remember that Nothing is impossible… Everything is possible! This was the tagline we developed for the campaign, alongside the main campaign identity of Make the Change Today. A lovely little icon that emphasised the link between technology and the campaign.

Together with the video profiles, which have been used on the WEIoT partners digital channels, we produced a mix of static and video content for the campaign.

We also launched a TikTok campaign with engaging video content that in the distinctive short, sharp style of the platform, highlighted the remarkable (and sometimes quirky) aspects of careers in engineering, coding or occupational therapy with a click-thru to the WEIoT website.

The final aspect of the project was to demonstrate in a legible format how you could apply for these courses, what learning progression you could make, and what career you could ultimately end up with. Our design team developed a flickable e-career pathway booklet that highlighted the information in a clear and concise format that allowed users to click through to find out more, and hopefully sign up to a course.

We have successfully worked with pace-agency for a number of years, the team always approach tasks with enthusiasm, care and a focus to deliver on-time and within the agreed budget. They deliver the right balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service, they listen carefully to the brief and every time come up with creative solutions that hit the spot across a
range of disciplines.

Lisa Fletcher - Marketing and Communication Director