Case Study – Kings Sixth


How we helped 

– Design
– Branding
– Photography
– Event Graphics
– Signage
– Web Design & Development

Our recent Kings of Wessex Academy marketing campaign delivered proven results and saved them the headache of working with multiple suppliers.

Kings of Wessex were losing ground to other schools in terms of both recruitment and value proposition… we were asked to help reverse this trend. We successfully repositioned Kings of Wessex as Kings Academy where we rebranded the entire organisation under a central core brand.

The second challenge was to create a new Sixth Form Recruitment and Retention Campaign where we created a focus group and

consulted and engaged directly with the Sixth Form students. The result of the consultation was the ‘It’s Your Choice…’ campaignA BIG, BOLD and EYE POPPING brand identity that was inclusive of every student we worked with.

Each students individual image and choice of key word was added to the tag line to develop a series of brave and unique statements that were rolled out across an integrated marketing campaign, from publications and online advertising, video case studies, showreels and prospectuses. We also ran a hugely successful bus adverting campaign, a perfect way to target a young, highly mobile & social audience.

The campaign was a huge success and the migration of students has been reversed and the new academic year is anticipated to be over subscribed with an estimated 15% increase in student intake.


The Kings of Wessex is a high achieving school in Somerset which consistently achieves high national results both in attainment and progress. As such, we sought the expert assistance of pace to lead on the school’s rebranding and have not been disappointed. The school with its component parts now have a dynamic themed branding which encapsulates the high ‘value add’ that the school achieves with its pupils. From concept to design, to installation, pace have been an ideal partner of Kings.

Keith Perry, Chief Operating Officer