I love you to the fridge and back

📚 Exciting News: New Cookery Book Alert! 🍽

Dear Food Lovers,

We are thrilled to introduce Freya Broughton’s newly published culinary masterpiece, “I Love You to the Fridge & Back!” This extraordinary cookbook is a heartfelt journey through the world of flavours, designed to bring love, warmth, inspiration and healing to your kitchen.

Freya’s story is an exceptional one, where she has spent her entire life battling health trauma – from extreme eczema to severe asthma to kerato conjunctivitis (agonising Eye disease) to a series of life threatening allergies. But by listening to her body, researching and obsessing about the rights and wrongs, going on a painstaking journey of trial and error, Freya has substantially restored her health through natural wholesome foods and a change of lifestyle and mindset. 

It was during the first Covid lockdown where Freya spent the time with her family in the countryside that she learnt that cooking would be a welcome distraction to the constant pain and itching. The countryside and the beautiful spring, coupled with Freya’s dedication to detoxing her body and nourishing it with nutritious food, created a perfect environment for personal growth and healing.


One or two dishes quickly became five meals a day where Freya was preparing for her family. The role of cooking became a therapeutic and creative outlet and during this time it was particularly inspiring for all to see. It’s a beautiful example of how engaging in activities that bring joy and a sense of purpose can help distract from discomfort and negative thoughts. The way that Freya channeled her energy into growing and preparing food for her loved ones not only nurtured her body but also her sense of self-worth.

Working closely with Freya throughout the entire process, from the initial creative concepts to the final amends, the result is a testament to a strong and collaborative partnership. Our dedication and commitment to bringing Freya’s cookbook to life shines through in every aspect of the design and production with a hard back cloth cover, white folied spine and silk book mark. 

From the choice of paper to the texture of the cover, the weight of the pages, and the overall feel of the book, every detail plays a role in enhancing the reader’s connection with the content.

The synergy between beautifully designed pages and the artistry of well-shot food pictures by Nico Wills is truly part of the magic that helps to bring Freya’s cookbook to life. Stunning food photography not only tantalizes the taste buds but also creates a visual feast for the eyes. 

The Chelsea Old Town Hall provided an elegant and historic backdrop for the book launch to a full house of around 200 guests. We created a range of merchandise to complement the book to help futher extend the reach of the new brand from invites and customised bookmarks, to feather flags and pull-up banners.

There was also a fabulous Q&A with BBC Radio’s Alice Hopkins where Freya provided an insight into the book, her story and some top tips for learning to love yourself and & listen to your body through healthy recipes.

The evening was capped off with an intimate dinner in the adjoining room (The Cadogan suite) for all those that were present to support Freya through her journey and the launch or her much-cherished book.

As much as we enjoyed working on it, we genuinely hope you enjoy reading Freya’s book! Happy reading, and may you find plenty of culinary inspiration and joy within its pages.

Bon appétit! 📖🍽

You can purchase your copy on the link below:


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Freya Louise Broughton - Author